Planado makes a request to user device current location Android:

  • every 10 minutes;
  • when user changes status of the job - presses on En route, Start, Pause, Finish buttons. 

Operator can see latest known location of the worker on the map in the web-application.

By clicking on his name he can also see the time when that location was received.

Locations are tracked even when Planado works in offline mode. After phone recovers network connection, all the coordinates will be uploaded to server. 

Location can be tracked by two sources (providers):

  • Network — coordinates of mobile networks and Wi-Fi;
  • GPS — data from GPS-satellites.

To save battery Planado firsts make location request via Network. If accuracy is not high enough, additional geolocation tracking via GPS will increase it.

If you work in places with a lot of Wi-Fi hotspots (multiple stories houses, offices, etc), tracking coordinates via Wi-Fi will give you high accuracy with minimal usage of battery. But make sure you turned on in the menu SettingsWi-Fi to always look for available networks.

If your employees are often working in the plain field and rarely manage to be in the Wi-Fi hotspot radius, it is better to have good mobile (cellular) network and GPS signal for tracking location.

You can set location mode in the Location services settings of your phone. We recommend to always use High Accuracy (Use GPS, WI-Fi, and cellular networks to determine location).