In order for your worker and dispatcher to share information about job between each other, mobile application synhronizes with Planado server. During sync Planado:

  • updates all the changes in the jobs with the server;
  • downloads all the additional files to jobs from server;
  • uploads to server all the photos and other information added in the reports.

App tries to synchronize automatically every 2 minutes, even if app is minimized. Synchronization also happens when you open application or change status of any job.

1454336260_58.pngIf your phone has slow internet connection (2G, EDGE, GPRS), during synchonization application won't upload photos from reports to server and won't download any attached to jobs files. Only text information of the jobs will be updated. Files exchange between app and server will begin as soon as you connect to faster network (3G, LTE, Wi-Fi). After that, photos from reports will be uploaded to server and dispatcher will be able to see them in the web-application.

Synchronization can be done manually, without waiting for automatic update. Click on the Sync option in the app menu or just drag list of jobs down.

You will see synchronization symbol on the screen. 


When dispatcher creates or changes job in the web-application, user in the mobile application will receive push-notification. After receiving push-notification Planado synchronizes with server. On the lock screen and the notifications top bar of your phone you will see notification message. Click on it to open corresponding job.

You receive push-notifications when:

  • you have new job assigned to you;
  • status of the job updates to either Started, En route, Paused or Finished in web-application;
  • any information of the job was changed.

1454336260_58.pngMake sure you turned on push-notifications for Planado (check article Device configuration).


If you lost internet connection on your phone, Planado app will start working in offline-mode. You will receive warning message in the upper panel of the app. 

In the offline mode app won't be able to synchronize and you also won't receive push-notifications. Any changes made to jobs in the mobile applications (including making photos) are saved to phone memory, but won't be uploaded and seen in the web-application yet. You can see how many changes were made in the offline mode and not uploaded to server in the Unsent.

In this menu you will also see the time of the last successful synchronization. Any changes done after this time by operator in the web-application are not downloaded and therefore are not available in the mobile application.

As soon as your phone connects to the internet, your app will automatically update all the data with server during next synchronization. If you want to update immediately when you connect to the internet you can also manually launch synchronization by clicking on Sync button in the menu.

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