This quick walktrough will explain how you can create clients in your Planado web-application, post a job and complete it using Planado mobile application.

1. Add a Client

Open Addresses page in main menu and click on the Add client button.

Here you can add all the information about a client: first and last name, address and mobile number.

Click on the Add button to create client.

2. Post a Job

Open Schedule page. Click with the right mouse button on the timeline and create a job for user. In this example, we use context menu to post a job on our own timeline. Choose one of the job templates in the context menu. Make sure you create job for current day.

Add all the information about a job:

  • In the Description field you can specify additional information about a job (for example, some minor details assignee need to know);
  • Assignee field. In this example employee Nick March will already be assigned since we created job on his timeline;
  • Click on the Client field and start typing name of the client you created in step one. After you picked the client from the search results, fields with his address and contacts will be filled automatically.

Click on the Add button. This job will appear in schedule with status "published" and blue color.

3. Install Mobile Application

Download Planado app from Play Market or App Store, install it and accept all the necessary permissions.

After installation, open application and enter your email and password you used to login into web-application. You can login into mobile application only if you have permission.

4. Complete job

Once you post job in the web-application, it will appear in the mobile application. 

Once you open it, in the very first window you will see all the information about the job, client, his contacts. Press the En route button, and after that Start button. In the web-application you'll be able to see job has new status and now will be marked with green color. 

Switch to Report window, fill the report fields and press Finish button. Some fields are required to finish the job,  they are marked with star symbol (*) above their name. If you don't fill required fields, you won't be able to choose successful resolutions for the job.

Choose Job completed resolution. In the schedule, job will be marked as completed and will change to grey color.

You can read more about what Planado can do on the Features page.

If you need any help, leave us a ticket or write to our email address: