Planado mobile application shows worker coordinates:

  • every 10 minutes;
  • every time job status is changed, in other words when buttons En route, Start, Pause, Finished are pressed.

Dispatcher can view workers locations on the Map page in web-application.

Map shows current location of worker. In the menu on the left you can see list of all workers whose location is known.

You can click on any worker from the list to see their latest location - time when last coordinates were taken and battery energy.

Jobs are also shown on the map. You can filter them by status.

1454336260_58.png You can switch between Google maps and Yandex maps. Default map application for workers on mobile devices will also be changed. Go to Settings General and in the Map section switch to the one you need. Page with Settings is only available for users with Administrator access.

To see worker locations for the last 7 days click on their history button near their names.

Coordinates can also be viewed for every job. Coordinates that were taken because worker pressed buttons have specific name of job status near time.

Besides coordinates, you can see time when worker was in this spot, accuracy of geolocation and distance to the job.

1454336260_58.pngAccuracy depends on the quality of GPS signal on workers device.

 Locations are taken even when Planado works in offline mode. Once connection to the internet is restored, all the coordinates are sent to server.

Switch to Jobs tab to see all the jobs on the map. You can see all the current jobs, jobs without a date and scheduled for the future.

Jobs can also be filtered by type and template. All jobs in the list are grouped by status

To see jobs only in specific days, click on Period and select needed interval.

Click on the job to open editing window. You can quickly change date and assignee of the job. To edit other fields, click on the job name.

If some workers do not appear on the map, check if their devices are configured correctly. Check the My location is not updating article.

If you need any help, leave us a ticket or write to our email address: