For a more comfortable management of workers schedule, Planado has Schedule page.

Dispatcher can visually observe if there are any overloads during a working day or a week, create and distribute jobs, assign different users, change time and date of jobs.

Open Schedule page. You will see schedule of all the teams and users with permission to complete jobs.

Each assignee has his own timeline, where you can see jobs assigned to him.

There is also Unassigned timeline for jobs without assignee, if you need to choose assignee later.

To create a job, click with right mouse button on any user timeline. With time graph on top you can select specific time of the day.

You will see pop-up window. Select template.

Fill all the job fields and click on Add button.

Jobs will appear on the assignee timeline. It will also appear on the left in the Scheduled list.

When assignee will begin to work on the job - in other words press Start button in mobile application and therefore change job status - job color on the timeline will change. Changes are also will be visible in the list on the left. 

Job can also be opened using this list and completed manually by dispatcher, or he can move screen to this job on the schedule or see it on the map.

All jobs for the current day will appear in the list. Jobs are also grouped by status. With color indicators you can identify job status on the schedule.

All jobs shown as blocks, if duration is long, job block will also be longer. Before job start, size depends on value in the Duration field of the job.

When job will be completed, block will change its size to actual time it took for user to complete the job - time interval between pressing Start button to Finished button in mobile application.

Schedule allows you to drag and drop planned jobs to different assignees. After making any changes, Publish Schedule button will highlight and become clickable. By clicking on it you will confirm all the changes made to the schedule.

With this menu you can also resize schedule or move between days/time.

If you need to see only specific assignees, click on Assignees button and mark users what you need to see.

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